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SLI Coordinator List
SLI Coordinators List

HSC SLI Coordinators
HSC Classrooms and Features
HSC Recommended Time Patterns
HSC S25 Event Instructions
HSC Room Features

Building Information
Building Supervisor List
Building Code Listing

Campus Information
County Code Listing
Section Code Listing

Technology Levels and Locations
General Purpose Classroom Information

Delivery Methods
Possible Delivery Methods

Final Exam Schedule
Final Exam Schedule

Flexible Title Request
How to Request a Flexible Title

On-Grid Meeting Times
On-Grid Meeting Times

Schedule 25 Criteria
Building Preferences by Department
Room Features

Scheduling Policies
Part of Term Policy
Event Scheduling Guidelines
Cross List Policy

Semester Specific
Part of Term Table for Fall 2017
Part of Term Table for Spring 2018
Part of Term Table for Summer 2018
Part of Term Table for Fall 2018

SharePoint Overview
SharePoint FAQs
SharePoint Refresher

Class Restrictions
WVU Curriculum Matrix April 2017

Office of the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives