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Academic Scheduling Process

Facilities Planning and Scheduling is responsible for scheduling all academic courses within West Virginia University.

To better serve the mission of the university, the academic scheduling process will use Schedule 25 to optimize general classroom space usage. Schedule 25 is an application with the Series 25 software package.

Series 25

Schedule 25 is a subsidiary of the Series 25 scheduling product line, which also includes R25, X25, and 25Live. R25 is the database in which all classroom information, such as student capacity, room features, etc are stored. Information is transferred into R25 directly from Banner. Once the data is available in R25, Schedule 25 will run and select the classroom allocations that will optimize the classroom placement based on criteria further described below. Once classroom assignments have been established by Schedule 25, the information will be transferred back into Banner and eventually onto STAR. Classroom assignments will also be visible on 25Live and can be analyzed by X25 for statistical information. Speedbook is a tool used inside the R25 database for scheduling non-course events in general purpose classrooms.

Schedule 25


Departments provide parameters for room requests


For more information on Schedule 25, please visit CollegeNET.

WVU Scheduling Process

The following flow chart graphically represents how WVU will integrate Schedule 25 into the classroom scheduling process:

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