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Tips and Tricks

For those who are having trouble receiving general purpose classroom placements for their courses or would like to receive a general purpose classroom that “better fits” the needs of a course, please review the following tips and tricks:

Maximum Enrollment: Make sure the maximum enrollment for the course correctly reflects the anticipated student enrollment. If you would like a specific room, make sure that the maximum enrollment of the course does not exceed the maximum capacity of the desired classroom. This will not guarantee that you will receive a specific classroom, but at least it won’t be ruled out by Schedule 25.

Requested Features: Make sure the room features you have requested for the general purpose classroom actually exist in the general purpose classroom you would like to receive (or on-campus at all). For instance, if you request a whiteboard, but the classroom you would like to be assigned only has a chalkboard, Schedule 25 will only schedule you in a general purpose classroom with a whiteboard. Also, if you request too many room features, you may over constrain the system – you may be requesting so many features that no room on the WVU campus could satisfy the request.

If you need technology in your general purpose classroom, you must request it on your SLI in order to receive it. Schedule 25 will not place a course that requests technology in a classroom that does not have it. If you haven’t received the technology you desired, it is likely because it was not requested on the SLI.

Additionally, Schedule 25 will occasionally place a course in a classroom with a higher level of technology that you request. For example, if you requested a CTec Basic room, you will either receive a CTec Basic or a CTec Standard room. But, if you requested a CTec Standard room (the highest level of technology), that is the only possible room you will receive.

Spread Courses Out: In order to increase the probability of receiving general purpose classrooms for all of your courses, make sure that the majority of your courses do not meet during the high demand meeting time of 1000-1400. Courses scheduled in the morning and mid-late afternoon will not only have a greater chance of placing – but may also place in your top choice classroom.