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Important Dates

Spring and Summer 2018 Due Dates

Event Date Event Description
Spring/Summer 2018 - Initial SLI received by departments July 5, 2017 All Decentralized departments receive Original SLI with rollover banner information from previous like semester.
Spring/Summer 2018 - Updated SLI delivered August 30, 2017 SLI Coordinators receive an Updated SLI with Information changed in Banner.
Spring/Summer 2018 - Stop Banner Changes September 6, 2017 Final changes must be completed. SLI Coordinators must STOP Entering Data in Banner.
Spring/Summer 2018 - Room Assignments on 25Live September 22, 2017 Room Assignments are viewable on 25Live.
Spring/Summer 2018 - Final SLI delivered for review September 26, 2017 SLI Coordinators receive a Final SLI with their final changes made in Banner for review
Spring/Summer 2018 - Courses on STAR October 3, 2017 Schedule of courses available on STAR.

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